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Questions about the technical validation for the 1st Open Archives Forum Workshop:


This first Technical Validation Questionnaire is final!
Further filling out is not possible any longer.

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Name: Organisation:
Country: URL:
1. Since when has your archive been OAI compatible ... (month/year eg.04/02) as Data Provider: as Service Provider:
2. Questions about the software: Data Providers: Service Providers:
a) Which software tools does your Archive use to be OAI compatible?
b) Are these tools developed by your organisation? yes    no yes    no
c) Are these tools also available for other organisations? yes    no yes    no
   If yes, where?
d) Is the sourcecode open source? yes    no yes    no
e) If the software is not self developed: Who is the vendor?
f) Is this vendor situated in Europe? yes    no yes    no
g) Which programming language(s) were used to develop the tools to make it compatible? Perl     Php     Java     C
Perl     Php     Java     C
3. Questions concerning the implementation costs: Data Providers: Service Providers:
a) Which know-how must the involved persons have (eg. programming languages experiences)?
b) How long did the actual implementation take?
c) How many programmers were involved?
d) How much has to be done to keep the OAI implementation running (person days per month)?
4. Questions regarding content type, structure and integration of archive/ of service:
  Data Providers:
a) How many documents/ metadata sets does your archive contain?
b) How much disc space is taken up by your archive?
c) Which type of objects does you archive contain? Fulltext documents       Just metadata       Image files       Video files/ streams       Audio files
d) Which content type does you archive contain? Preprints       Journal articles       Dissertations       Lectures
e) Which metadata formats are associated with them?
f) Do you disseminate all parts of the archive (metadata)?
g) Is the OAI interface open for all service providers? yes    no
h) If no, which restrictions exist?
  Service Providers:
a) Which kind of services did you develop?
b) Is the harvesting level of interoperability sufficient for your purposes or do you would need more? What?
c) How do you process harvested data from other data providers? Do you use any provenance information?
d) In your experience is there any weak point in the OAI approach to interoperability? If yes, explain?
5. Questions about experiences and future planning
  Data Providers:
a) How important is your OAI compatible data provider for your institution and your service? Were existing services replaced or completed?
b) What advantage is there for you in participating in the OAI? What advantages does the OAI interoperability framework provide in comparison to other interfaces and logs (eg. Z39.50)?
c) What are your experiences with being an OAI compatible data provider?
  Service Providers:
a) Which services do you support with the OAI functionality?
b) Which kind of problems do you have concerning the technical implementation and use of the protocol?
c) What do you plan in the future (e.g. search engine with compatible OAI integration, printing on demand, document delivery services, alerting services)?
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