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1st Technical Validation Questionnaire

The breakout session on technical issues at the 1st OAForum Workshop was prepared by a web-based questionnaire, that participants were asked to fill out before the workshop. The session - and the questionnaire - focused on the experiences made with existing OAI implementations and the problems, that particular demands caused. 18 people contributed to the questionnaire, 6 from Germany, 5 from Italy, 2 from Belgium, 2 from the Nederlands, 1 each from France, Sweden and the UK.

Here you can throw a view on the questionnaire itself.
1st Questionnaire about the Technical Validation   more 
This first inquiry to the Technical Validation is final and further filling out is not possible any longer.

Here you find the results of our first Technical Validation Questionnaire:
Results of the 1stQuestionnaire about Technical Validation   more pdf-file, 92 KB
Presentation of the results of the 1st Questionnaire about Technical Validation   more ppt-slides, 156 KB

On the bases of the feedback during the first workshop we prepared a second, extended edition.
We would be pleased, if you take part in the inquiry of the second Technical Validation Questionnaire.

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